Saturday, April 18, 2009


I went to the venue area which located at Segama Waterfront. The whole walkway area was being fully utilize for the welcoming party of Malaysia 1st Submarine. It was really a great event, I mean like they had a event for the submarine which was not even there. The submarine is parked at Sepanggar Bay, well not like they did mention the submarine will be at the event area and Adrian was there too. Anyway I took some pictures and yes there were some nice stuff to look at :)

The Only picture of the submarine Available there?



A shot taken from the back of Strawberry Building :)





Jabatan Kastam was there too and showing all kind of pictures they have

Adrian Posing hehe


Some of the pictures that caught my eyes


Adrian’s hand on the left lol He had to take a picture too


The fish which worth MYR3,000,000.00 & Our typical Malaysian the Fat Trafic police :D (Too Much Kopi O!!)


There were some competition going on too for school kids. One of them was a Coloring Competition, I am not sure what will they win but I am sure it was something good. Because there were kids crying on the competition while continue on drawing and coloring lol

Despite crying, she still continue on drawing something.. erm odd.


Another crying kid, she was still coloring while leaning on the floor :\


There was a Clown too but I think maybe that the reason why the kids are crying..


Here are two.. erm.. youngster cosplaying as a pirate & sailor


I took a lot of pictures but most of them were not good. Then again I was using a Canon Digital IXUS 70 which belongs to Sorian. My camera was with Alan and I forgot I wanted to use it today. This is an easy camera to use where you just have to click, focus, and press to get a nice shot with all its user friendly features. Unlike mine, I have to adjust the setting before getting a good shot.

Anyway for real, I would have to say the whole event was bad. Everybody was standing like an idiot waiting for the VIP’s (Very Annoying Person). I mean like the event was suppose to start on 9AM. Don’t fucking make the public wait just because you are some big shot bastard. Don’t they realize they got a job because we are paying them with the tax money? I did not stay long because I came like around 8 AM and by 9AM the sunlight was shining everywhere. Take a look:

Everyone was waiting and this was like already 9.42AM


I left the place around 10AM, as I could not stand the heat and yes… I sweated a lot. Anyway I took some pictures of the VIP’s and yes they were very relax because of the place they are sitting and the pretty girls around them:

Teleporting? :)



For those who are interested to go, I would suggest you to go night time. They be on till 10PM if I am not wrong, as for me I might go for some nice cold beer and not waste my time taking pictures of something common. :)


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