Sunday, April 19, 2009

Penang Police officer caught with his Zip open

The Penang Islamic Department officers caught the deputy chief of a police station with a women who is a teacher, both in their 40's. Inside a car but with his zip down. So basically he was given a blowjob? lol

""The police officer shouted abusive words at the religious department officers and refused to show his authority card after identifying himself as a policeman." Said one of them." Read more

Well anybody caught would do the same thing to a religious officer in Malaysia. I mean like even myself, during the fasting month. They would go around supposedly with a police officer. I myself got checked a few times and there was 1 time I was eating in a Indian shop. An religious officer came to ask for my I.C, I looked at him and said "Where is yourt Identification card?, which department are you working? Where if your supervisor and police officer?" He quickly took out his Identification card and called his supervisor along with the police officer. Lol I then showed the police my Identity Card.

If someone ever claim they are from some religious shit, then ask for your Identification Card. Never give your card out or follow them where ever they ask you to unless they are with an Police Officer and alone with few others religious officer. If there are just 2 of them, you can start kicking them in the balls and shout for help. Because if you are a girl they will usually take advantage and do more if you understand what I mean. Even if you are with your friend or boyfriend. Never believe anyone out there. :)

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Chester Chin said...

ahahah talking of hypocrisy!

anyway my hometown is in penang but please please please don't let one moronic act form you judgment of penangites as a whole.


Adriel D.K said...

Erm.. it is a news not a moronic act bro :) see the difference? News & Moronic act?

News - Me reporting
Monornic Act - Accusing someone? talking cock? you :)

See the difference? lol