Saturday, April 11, 2009

Vietnamese Bride dumped after being used?

"A 47-year-old businessman dumped his young Vietnamese wife at the matchmaking agency just 17 days after their wedding and demanded a full refund." Read more

This businessman claim that he could not communicate with her (Ngo could only speak Viet­na­mese), she wouldn’t wear the clothes he bought for her, but he understood that she kept saying she wanted to go back to Vietnam???

What a fucking big fat liar, how can he claims she wants to go back when he could not communicate with her. He should have choose a Russian wife from ebay. At lease he can say "She only know how to say yes, no & $500 dollar!!!!" as an excuse to dump her back to the agent with a refund.

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Anonymous said...

she can always point to a travel bag etc. and hed understand that shed wanna go back right? dumass, its not that hard to imagine that.

Adriel D.K said...

Yeah and I am sure it would have happened from the day she thought of getting married or from the first night.